A story written by P4CT

The Super Six


Once upon a time P4CT were just an ordinary class, or were they? It was an early November morning at Burnbrae Primary School. Burnbrae Primary was a big school and a lot of pupils attended. P4CT had a beautiful classroom because it had art and learning on the walls. But one day something awful happened and everybody got struck by an evil bug!


The horrible evil winter bug struck on 2nd November 2016. Fourteen people were sickly and had to stay in bed. There was a lot of bacteria and it was spreading disgusting illness. Only super six people were left because they always washed their hands with soap and warm water. Right now they were feeling brave and strong and soapy! Now the Super Six made a plan but with a soap potion made with banana soap, strawberries, haribos, a spoonful of coffee, vitamin C and a spoonful of Calpol. They chose these ingredients because they gave a mixture of healthiness, sugar, caffeine  and medicine.


Finally they got in a Lamborghini borrowed from Conan who worked in a car shop. They knew that they needed to get to houses fast. When they got to houses they quickly gave the ill children a tube of potion. The next day twenty four pupils attended P4CT. THE SUPER SIX stayed standing and wrote this true story you have read today!

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