Cycle training opportunity for parents to support the school in delivery of cycling proficiency

Participants are required to register firstly with Cycling Scotland to create their own profile, then register using the link and code below. There is 8 places available, and we ideally need to get at least 5 people signed up to attend. 
Further details for the course can be found on the website via this link: CTA Details. Participants should be aware that they will be required to bring a bike to course and be comfortable riding on quiet roads surrounding the school.

Course Dates: 25
th January 2017
Course Location: Burnbrae Primary School
Course Link:
Course Booking Code:

Learning through Play

P1HR are re-using materials in their new construction area. The children are using their imagination to plan what they would like to build before constructing it. These pupils constructed a robot living inside city walls.

Loose Parts Play

In response to our recent Learning Environment survey the Nursery team have agreed to initially develop and review three areas of the Nursery.  On Tuesday we will meet to discuss progress and next steps.

As a team we all agree on the benefits of open ended resources and would appreciate your help to source the following items:

  • corks
  • glass pebbles
  • pine cones
  • pebbles
  • wooden pegs
  • shells


If you would like to know more about the benefit of open ended resources please follow the links below:
Loose parts play
Using Loose parts for play
Stimulating Learning
Community Playthings
Loose Parts Play Toolkit


The Gingerbread Man

Primary 1HR have been learning to retell the story of The Gingerbread Man. We made story maps to help us to remember the order of the story. We retold the story to the Nursery boys and girls, using actions and voices. We hope they enjoyed it!