P1 Garden Revamp!

Our new topic in P1 is to give our outdoor area a much needed makeover – and we’d love your help to do it. 
We want our area to be filled with areas of activity – just like our classrooms – which help us to learn and explore the world. 
Our P1’s have been visiting local nurseries with excellent outdoor spaces to gather ideas and begin to make plans. We’d love your feedback on our initial ideas; we have made a display in the infant atrium which will be open to you at soft start, pick up and drop off times. Please come and find out what we have planned and to share your ideas. 
Perhaps you have seen something which works really well at another nursery, perhaps you have materials which you could donate, or have experience building simple wooden structures – all are very welcome. Some of the materials we are looking for are as simple as shells, old CD’s or old saucepans. We hope to have a plan for the area in the next 3 weeks so we can start to build it. If you can offer any time to come and help us paint stones, build areas or plant bulbs and seeds please let us know – we’ll have more details of exactly what we want to do and when we plan to do it over the next 3 weeks. 
Many thanks in advance for your continued support, 
The P1 team. 
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