End of Year Staffing Update

At the end of term we say goodbye and thank you to:-

Paula Dennis – Acting Depute Head
Lynsey McNeill – Learning Assistant
Alison Wood – Learning Assistant
Isobel Gray – Cook

In August we welcome back:-

Mrs Watson
Mrs Corrieri
Mrs Gracie

In August we  welcome new staff to Burnbrae:-

Mr Watters
Ms Thomson
Mrs Walton
Mr Hutchinson

Our classes for session 17/18 are as follows:-

P1T –  Miss Thornton
P1GM –  Mrs Grieve & Mrs Maclean
P1RW –  Mrs Roberts & Mrs Watson
P2B – Formerly P1T, Miss Bailey
P2CW –  Formerly P1HR,  Mrs Corrieri & Ms Walton
P2MH –  Formerly P1GM, Mrs McLarren & Mr Hutchinson
P3M – Formerly P2M, Miss Murray
P3S – Formerly P2B, Miss Seath
P4R – Formerly P3M, Mrs Ramsay
P4W – Formerly P3MN, Mr Watters
P5M – Formerly P4J, Miss Melrose
P5CT – Formerly P4CT, Mrs Clements & Mrs Trueman
P6F – Formerly P5F, Mrs Farrer
P6J – Formerly P5R, Miss Johnston
P7 – Formerly P6,  Miss Coatham
SU1 will be led by Miss Richmond
SU2 will be led by Ms Thomson
SU3 will be led by Miss Armstrong

From August 2017 the Senior Management Team will be:-

Mrs Beveridge – HT
Mrs Bleck – Acting Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Knight – Acting Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Clements – Principal Teacher
Miss Richmond – Acting Principal Teacher.

Due to illness, Mrs Bleck will be absent from school until the summer holidays.  The rest of the Senior Management Team are remaining the same.

School Lunches

As of August 2017 school lunches will increase to £1.90 for P4-7
Our long standing kitchen supervisor, Isobel Grey, retires at the summer holidays.  If any parent would like to make a donation towards a leaving gift for her please hand your contribution into the school office.  Thank you.  


As previously stated the school term will finish at 12 noon on Friday 30 June, resuming for pupils on Tuesday 22 August.

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