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Our staff team:

Head Teacher: –


Acting Deputy Head Teachers-


Acting Principal Teachers: –


Principal Teacher


Class Teachers: –






















Childcare &

Development Workers:












Learning Assistants: –















Office Staff:-





Playground & Dining Hall Supervisor:-


Visiting Specialists: –






Janitor: –



Cleaning Staff:-


Dinner Hall staff:-



Mrs Debbie Beveridge


Mrs Gillian Bleck (Meeting Learner’s Needs)

Mrs Kerry Knight (Nursery & P1)

Mrs Rhona Paterson (Provision)


Mrs Lynsey Clements (Mon/Tues)


Mrs Jill Roberts/Mrs Fiona Hill – P1

Miss Laura Grieve/ Mrs Louise McLean – P1

Miss Chrissie Thornton – P1

Miss Laura Melrose (Newly Qualified Teacher) – P2

Miss Philippa Bailey – P2

Miss Jennifer McLaren/ Mrs Moira Nelson – P3

Miss Kathryn Murray – P3

Miss Emma Johnston – P4

Mrs Tori Trueman/Mrs Clements – P4

Mrs Emma Farrer – P5

Mrs Gemma Ramsay – P5

Miss Pauline Seath – P6

Miss Rachael Coatham – P7

Miss Cassie Armsstrong – SU2

Miss Amy Richmond (Provision) –  SU3

Mrs Angela Simms (Provision) –  SU1

Mrs Steele(Provision) –  SU4

Mrs Paterson(Provision) –  SU1

Mrs Joanne Watson – mat leave until August 2017

Mrs Sarah Corrieri – mat leave until April 2017



Miss Dawn Coatham (Senior – Nursery)

Miss Julie Steele (Provision)

Mrs Avril Carmichael (Nursery)

Mrs Susan Carchie (Nursery)

Mrs Linda Robertson (Provision)

Mrs Marie Law (Nursery)

Mrs Marion Aitken (Provision)

Mrs Stephanie Kitching (Nursery)

Mrs Deborah McNulty(Nursery)

Mrs Lorraine Turnbull (Nursery)

Ms Anna Fischer (provision)



Mrs Anne Stanley

Mrs Dorothy Mellor

Mrs Jane Hinde

Mrs Jenny Paterson (Provision)

Mrs Lynne MacKay (Provision)

Mrs Rhona McDonald

Mrs Sandra Scanlon

Ms Amanda Bertram (Provision)

Ms Andrea Lavin (Provision)

Ms Heather Stephenson

Mrs Laura Kelly

Mr Paul Fleming




Mrs Sylvia Davidson – Business Support Administrator

Miss Kerry Burgess – Business Support Assistant

Mrs Imelda Robertson – Librarian



Miss Nicola Gordon


Mr Iain Moody – PE

Mrs Leah Burge – PE

Mrs Rosemary Bowman – Home Link Teacher



Mr Sandy Turnbull




Lynne Livingstone – Supervisor


Mrs Isobel Gray – Cook Supervisor


Burnbrae Primary School was opened in October 2012 and is a non-denominational and co-educational school. The school covers Nursery to Primary 7 and also has 4 Support Classes. The school roll is currently 417, including the nursery and support classes.


Burnbrae Primary School

144 Burnbrae Road


EH19 3GB


Telephone:                 0131 271 4605

Fax:                             0131 660 1269

Email:                          burnbrae.ps@midlothian.gov.uk

Web:                          https://burnbraeprimaryschool.wordpress.com

Head Teacher:          Mrs Debbie Beveridge – d.beveridge@mgfl.net


We ask for all visitors/parents/carers to report to the main reception when arriving at school. Please feel free to approach your child’s class teacher in the first instance if you have any queries. If you require more time then arrange an appointment directly with the class teacher or otherwise contact Sylvia Davidson (Business Support Administrator) who can arrange an appointment for you.

Location Information

Burnbrae Primary is located within the new Hopefield Development.

 SCHOOL ETHOS – our ethos is most important to us – we are working together children, families, staff and wider community to build a community of learners who will be equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century and live out their aspirations with confidence and resilience.

Our Vision

Burnbrae learns together, grows together, plays together.

We are committed to working together with families and other agencies to ensure all learners can be all they can be.