Summer of Sport 2017

Summer of Sport 2017

Together we can make our young people more active and healthier for a better future.

Have a look through our coaching programme and choose from a variety of activities and sporting camps.

Nursery Update


If you have any questions about the following dates please see a member of staff in Nursery. Also, please keep an eye on the school facebook page, twitter account, school website and Nursery noticeboard for any further updates.

Outdoor Friday

The Outdoor day we had last week was such a success, nursery staff have decided to continue learning outside every Friday from now until the end of this term. Please could we emphasise the importance of sunscreen and sun hats. Due to council policies nursery staff are not allowed to apply sunscreen to children, so it is very important that sunscreen is applied BEFORE children come to nursery. This should happen every day but even more important on a Friday when we will be outside all session.

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Burnbrae Sports Day 2017

Please check school bags this week for the  following letter:


Dear Parents/Carers,

You are invited to support our school and nursery sports’ day on Tuesday 30 May.

 Nursery Sports’        Morning – 9.00am-10am

                                   Afternoon – 1pm-2pm

Nursery children should arrive wearing their group colours (see notice board), wearing a sun hat and have sun cream on. Families will move around the activities with their child’s group.

 School Sports’        10.30am-12 noon

Sports’ will be held on the field outside of the school boundary. The event will finish at approximately 12 noon.

The children will be in teams which will include a mix of children from P1–P7, families will be together in the same team. The children will work their way around potted sports, focusing on team work, determination and positive team spirit. The teams will be given a set time to complete each station, ensuring that all children have had a turn. Scores will be kept and bonus points will also be awarded to those teams who demonstrate the positive skills mentioned above.

Please ensure that your child/children come/s to school in P.E kit with their uniform/s packed in their school bag. Children will also need to bring a sun hat, water bottle and have sun cream on.

The event will be very busy and we ask that all families and spectators remain outwith the boundary in order to ensure the safety of children and spectators and also to enable the smooth running of the event.

A confirmation text will be sent out by 8.45am on the day to let you know whether or not the Sports’ are going ahead. We hope to see as many of you as possible at this exciting whole school and community event.

Yours sincerely,

The Sports Day Team

Parent Survey

We want to know if you think we are getting it right for children and young people in schools.
By completing this questionnaire you can help us understand what’s going well for you, and if there
are any areas we could improve on to make school a better experience for you and others.

Please follow the link below to provide feedback by 29th May.

Light it up Blue

April is Autism Awareness month

On Friday 28th April please ‘Light it up blue’   for Autism Awareness by wearing something blue to raise Autism awareness for a small donation of 50p.

Why raise awareness of autism in school?

At least 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism… so there are children with autism at your school, who you see every day. We know that indifference and hostility towards people with autism and their families leads to social isolation, mental illness and unhappy lives. But we also know that helping young people – and adults – to understand autism as they grow up will equip them to accept and empathize with people with autism.

This Sesame Street video might also be helpful especially for younger children: