Snow Day

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The news section of the school app also has links and resources to support learning at home.

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Links –

Winter STEM activities

Home learning World Book Day 

Play, grow and learn together with lots of great ideas from Play Scotland #playeveryday – PLAY RESOURCES



The following resources will open as a download or PDF attachment –

Snow Day 1963 – snow days 1963 and now-2jo8504

Extreme Weather – info pics-tooa48

Ends of the Earth – ends_of_the_earth_resource_pack_2016-qqfzp0

Snow – snowlesson_-s8u2yr

Snow Depth – Maths Snow Depth Investigation-20j61cp

Arctic – arctic-2d8i0sf

Polar Bears – Polar bears-xhvh7w

Number bonds to 20  – number-bonds-to-20-numicon-1r24aow

Number stories – number stories- addition focus-1ytctbq

Numbers workbook – Numbers workbook (p)-1wlnn8l

Space activities – Space_mid_level_booklet-1vr79vn


Speed challenges –

2x Speed Challenge-1fvhtmn

3x Speed Challenge-2mtsihg

4x Speed Challenge-1sf3two

5x Speed Challenge-vhm5su

6x Speed Challenge-1frxhas

8x Speed Challenge-1sdo1oi

9x Speed Challenge-v8r428 1

1x Speed Challenge-28f8r5g

12x Speed Challenge-22fcp5c


Knights – Knights-2jju461

Planets – Planets display-22100ot

Vikings – Vikings-r05z7g

It makes a difference – it-makes-a-difference-7-silver-1s8wc4h

Scottish Wars of Independence – Scottish Wars of Independence Intro-26go9v1

Speed Division :





Single Word Spelling:







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