Diary Dates

The following dates are now on the events section of the school app:

w/b 13.11 Nursery World Rhyme Week

30.11.17  Burnbrae Christmas Fair and  lights

1.12.17 Start of reverse advent (more details to follow)

2.12.17 Bonnyrigg Christmas Lights

13.12.17 Nursery nativity

14.12.17 Christmas lunch

15.12.17 P1 Nativity

18.12.17 P1RW Christmas party at Almond Valley

18.12.17 P3 party AM

18.12.17 P4 party PM

19.12.17 P1GM Christmas party at Almond Valley

19.12.17 P5 party PM

20.12.17 P1T Christmas party at Almond Valley

20.12.17 Nursery Christmas Parties

21.12.17 P2 Party AM

21.12.17 P6/7 Party PM

22.12.17 P4 -7 assembly at 9am

22.12.17 N – P3 assembly at 10:30am

Soft Start Thursday 30th November

Soft Start Wednesday 31st January

Soft Start Wednesday 28th February

Soft Start Monday 26th March

Soft Start Tuesday 24th April

Soft Start Monday 28th May

Soft Start Thursday 21st June

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