Parking Advice


Mrs Beveridge, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Bleck and Mrs Knight would like to thank all the people who offered support last week while we were outside managing the car park. Overall feedback from families has been very positive and taxi drivers dropping off at the Provision are delighted they can safely access the car park.  We will continue to be outside when possible and kindly request you do not use the staff car park during the hours of 8:15am – 4:00pm. If you are parking in one of the two disabled bays please ensure your blue badge is on display.

We would also ask families not to park on the road directly outside the school as this can block the pedestrian crossing and causes issues for coach drivers.

Please remember, the school car park is for staff only. For the safety of our children please park elsewhere.

“The school run”

Here are some simple rules for when driving your child to school:

  • Leave early enough to park where it won’t create a problem for other children.
  • Drop your child off where they can safely walk a short distance to school. Some schools have designated pupil drop-off zones. Never leave your car in a drop-off zone.
  • Only park in disabled parking spaces if either you or your child has a blue badge.
  • Never park on school zig-zags. It blocks visibility for children and school crossing guides, and for other motorists seeing the children crossing.
  • Never park on footpaths. It can force pedestrians onto the road. The Scottish Government is in the process of making it an offence to park on a footpath.
  • Never park across a resident’s access/driveway.
  • Never park across “dropped kerb” crossing points at junctions. It causes difficulty for prams and wheelchairs.
  • Never park on yellow lines. They have been painted wherever parking can cause problems for other road users.

If you break any of these rules you are putting other children attending the school at risk. How would you feel if your child was at risk?

Reverse Advent

What is a reverse advent calendar?

Reverse advent calendars work by  filling a box every day during December with with items of food  that can then be taken to a food bank  in order to help those less fortunate that are struggling at Christmas time.

What are we doing to help?

We are asking for your support to bring in food items in December to contribute to #FoodbankAdvent and all donations will be delivered to Midlothian Foodbank .

1st – Burnbrae Staff
4th – P1
5th – P2
6th – P3
7th – P4
8th – P5
11th – P6
12th – P7
13th – Nursery AM
14th – Nursery PM


Diary Dates

The following dates are now on the events section of the school app:

w/b 13.11 Nursery World Rhyme Week

30.11.17  Burnbrae Christmas Fair and  lights

1.12.17 Start of reverse advent (more details to follow)

2.12.17 Bonnyrigg Christmas Lights

13.12.17 Nursery nativity

14.12.17 Christmas lunch

15.12.17 P1 Nativity

18.12.17 P1RW Christmas party at Almond Valley

18.12.17 P3 party AM

18.12.17 P4 party PM

19.12.17 P1GM Christmas party at Almond Valley

19.12.17 P5 party PM

20.12.17 P1T Christmas party at Almond Valley

20.12.17 Nursery Christmas Parties

21.12.17 P2 Party AM

21.12.17 P6/7 Party PM

22.12.17 P4 -7 assembly at 9am

22.12.17 N – P3 assembly at 10:30am

Soft Start Thursday 30th November

Soft Start Wednesday 31st January

Soft Start Wednesday 28th February

Soft Start Monday 26th March

Soft Start Tuesday 24th April

Soft Start Monday 28th May

Soft Start Thursday 21st June

P1’s Got Talent!

The P1 pupils are going to show off their talents to their peers and teachers on Thursday 29th June. Please read the information on the P1 class page or on the P1 classroom doors to find out more.

End of Year Staffing Update

At the end of term we say goodbye and thank you to:-

Paula Dennis – Acting Depute Head
Lynsey McNeill – Learning Assistant
Alison Wood – Learning Assistant
Isobel Gray – Cook

In August we welcome back:-

Mrs Watson
Mrs Corrieri
Mrs Gracie

In August we  welcome new staff to Burnbrae:-

Mr Watters
Ms Thomson
Mrs Walton
Mr Hutchinson

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