ELC – P1 Transition

Monday 21st June 2021

Burnbrae Presentation – 11th June 2021

To view our presentation in a PDF format please click here – BB P1 Information June 2021 (1)

All About Me link for families to share key information

Burnbrae Blether

May 5th 2021

We have created a presentation to support families regardless of which school their child is moving on to. You will find information about:

  • Mid Mouse
  • Early level curriculum
  • Importance of play
  • Top tips for families
  • Ways to support from home
  • Useful links

View the presentation – ELC – P1 Transition Advice for Families 

Mid Mouse 

What is Mid mouse?
Mid mouse is an authority wide, community based transition project which will help to support your child as they move from their home & early learning & childcare setting into school. Each child will be gifted a mouse which can be used as an object to support and share their journey. Every school and early learning and childcare setting will also have a mouse, similar to your child’s. Mid mouse will be a part of this special time of change for your child and can be with them every step of the way.

Mid Mouse Week 1 – 12th May 2021

Transitions Story Week 1: There’s a Bear on my Chair by Ross Collins

Transitions Principle of the Week: Entitlements
There is an underlying message in this story about having your voice heard. Every child is entitled to have their voice heard and to be valued and respected by others, under Article 12 of the UNCRC.

Mid Mouse Week 2 – 19th May 2021

Transitions Story Week 2: Bloom by Anne Owen

Transitions Principle of the Week: Expectations: Families, communities, sense of belonging
This story is about feelings, positive thinking and empathy. It emphasises the power of kindness and celebrates the beauty of nature and the importance of nurturing things we love.

Mid Mouse Week 3 – 26th May 2021

Transitions Story Week 3: The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright

Transitions Principle of the Week: Opportunities
The story helps children to explore their own emotions and recognise these. It supports them to think positively about unknown situations and gives them ideas of how to feel better if they are feeling worried about something. It also lets children know that often things aren’t as bad as they may seem.

First Week 

Meet the Team 

Mrs Clarkson, Head Teacher

Mrs Hill P1A

Mrs Nelson P1A

Mrs  Hamlyn P1B

Miss Farrell P1C

Virtual Tour

Starting School Story List 

Everywhere Bear from Kerry Knight on Vimeo.


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