Junior Road Safety Officers

We want to keep the routes to our school as safe as possible for pupils walking and cycling to school; we also want to make sure local residents are not inconvenienced by inconsiderate parking.  If we work closely together we can make a difference.

Burnbrae Primary run PARKSMART campaigns, a school gate congestion initiative, throughout the term.  Our campaign is supported by Police Scotland.


If you drive to school, please park away from the immediate school zone or even better allow your child to walk/cycle to school, even part of the way.  If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child please park well out with the immediate school zone – remember we are lucky to have car parking available opposite the school.   When parking always remember to Park Smartly (i.e. not on double yellow lines or white zig zag markings; this affects visibility for pupils crossing at the zebra)!   Also, do not enter our staff car park unless you are a blue badge holder.  Please also see our 5 min. walking zone map for top tips!

Burnbrae Primary – walk or cycle map

If everyone that usually drives to/from school tries a little to ease the congestion this will make a significant difference to the safety and well being of our pupil’s.

Please pass on this message to everyone who will be part of your child’s journey to/from school i.e. child-minders or grandparents.

We thank you for your support.

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